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 The Real Ending To Wrestling

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Age : 25

MessageSujet: The Real Ending To Wrestling   Jeu 12 Oct - 9:44

Nom & Prénom du Personnage : Goldust
Nationalité : Texan
Âge : 48
Lien titantron : RENSEIGNER
Disposition: Heel
Movesets principaux :
- Swag of Wrestling(fireman man neckbreaker)

- Shattered dreams (Low blow cornered rope hung opponent)
- Final Cut (Vertical suplex neckbreaker)
- Lifting faling inverted DDT (Curtain Call)

- Bionic elbow
- Bulldog, sometimes from the second rope
- Cannonball from the ring apron to the outside of the ring
- Clothesline
- Director's Cut/Shock Treatment (Snap scoop powerslam)
- Diving hurricanrana
-Dropping down and uppercutting the opponent,[116][123] as a back body drop counter
- Jumping hip attack, as a counter to an oncoming opponent
- Running stunner
- Sidewalk slam
- Spinebuster
- Springboard back elbow
- Sunset flip powerbomb
- Twisting diving crossbody

Votre niveau d'expérience : RENSEIGNER

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The Real Ending To Wrestling

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